Monmade transforms ideas into distinctive products for the built environment. We bring artisan design to market and support regionally sourced, responsibly made, and environmentally conscious products for design and development projects.

We have evolved as an impact-driven company working with a network of regional artisan producers connecting their unique products to design and development projects.

Our Mission

To promote economic opportunity and environmental sustainability by serving as an impact-driven intermediary between design and development professionals and regional makers and manufacturers.

Community Impact

We believe that when creative businesses contribute to transformative design projects, their businesses expand and help diversify the regional economy. Monmade ignites unique and collaborative partnerships that improve the productivity, transparency, beauty, and enduring quality of the built environment in Pittsburgh and beyond.

Commitment to Sustainability

sustainablyMonmade is our company initiative and core commitment to increasing the sustainable production practices for our network of regional artisan producers to have a positive impact on regional economies, the environment, and social well-being.

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Monmade curates, coordinates, and purchases design that adds dimension and quality for distinctive interiors and outdoor spaces.

Our Capabilities

Monmade specializes in custom design solutions from our network of artisan producers. We offer planning, procurement, and integration services to help architects and developers maximize impact and minimize the challenges of working with a variety of specialized small businesses.

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Our People

Monmade’s network of talented regional designers, artists, craftspeople, and manufacturers offer product solutions that add distinction to commercial and residential properties. By celebrating the stories of these producers, we offer deeper insights into the impact creative businesses have on our community.

Our Story

Monmade started as a program of the Creative Business Accelerator. The vision was to create a regional marketplace that activated a network of craft businesses producing products that add value to new developments. Monmade grew out of emerging trends in real-estate development, workforce development, revenue-generating potential of modern manufacturing, and an increased consumer desire for transparency in production.

Meet Our Team

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Katie Schaible — Director

Katie leads the strategic visioning and business development for Monmade. She also coordinates project design research, planning, and management with Monmade’s clients. She provides the layers logistical and creative support needed for the procurement of artisan products. Leveraging her in-depth knowledge of Monmade’s creative network and her success as an entrepreneur, Katie brings technical expertise to product development and innovation, from ideation to manufacturing.

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Julia Reynolds — Product Development

Julia leads the sourcing and development of products featured in Monmade’s catalog. With her knowledge of the capabilities of Monmade’s creative network, she helps specify producers and products for our client projects. Julia’s personal and professional passion for art and design gives her a valuable and strategic perspective to ensure Monmade’s catalog features distinctive and enduring products.

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Shayna Bodi — Sustainability

With accreditations including LEED, Certified Green Building Professional, Green Point Rater, Shayna brings her extensive knowledge of green building and sustainability to our team. She’s mapped the field throughout her career, having worked in both corporate and small business environments. Shayna has cofounded companies abroad and is an entrepreneur at heart.