We offer distinctive products and custom solutions for design and development projects. For design professionals, Monmade helps specify artisan and sustainable furnishings, fixtures, and finishes for a range of projects. We work with clients to achieve uniqueness and texture within logistic and budgetary parameters.

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Monmade’s network of talented designers, artists, and craftspeople offer product solutions that add distinction to commercial and residential properties. We feature standard and custom products that offer degrees of sustainability and production transparency and that strive to be environmentally and socially sound.

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Commitment to Sustainability

As Monmade continues to celebrate innovative and authentic design from western Pennsylvania, we also deepen our commitment to social, economic, and environmental impact.

Through our growing catalog with standardized products, Monmade will also bring increased transparency to product labeling. With an emphasis on responsible production, sustainable materials, social equity, and local sourcing, we provide insight into the business practices of the designers and small-batch manufacturers we work with every day.

As a first step toward product transparency, we highlight products that are designed to shape a greener, healthier environment through Declare.

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