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Brian Ferrell Designs

Artist Brian Ferrell channels his deep experience in multiple craft forms for his studio practice, typically making sculptural furniture and vessels. An experimenter at heart, he draws inspiration from architecture and nature, working skillfully with mixed materials, including wood, metal, and clay. During Monmade’s Green Leap program, he developed Bloom Pendants, which utilize repurposed material sheets from fellow cohort participant Reimagined Recycling.

Green Leap Participant

New Products Developed with Monmade

Brian Ferrell Designs Bloom Pendants recall the seasons and the elegant opening of a flower bud. The materials reflect the natural world and also human impact on it. Brian utilizes sheets of pressed plastics from Reimagined Recycling, finding a new use for materials that otherwise often pollute the environment. He formed the plastic sheets and laminated reclaimed maple plywood to create the large biophilic-inspired pendants.


Featured Product Specifications

Bloom Pendants marry Reimagined Recycling’s Confetti Mix Material Sheets with Brian’s contemporary reclaimed wood forms.The pendants are currently available in two options, Winter and Spring. The Winter version offers a closed pendant design. While the Spring version is more open.


sustainablyMonmade Insights 

Through our assessment of his studio and processes, Brian Ferrell Designs achieves four of Monmade’s six dimensions of sustainability: environment, climate, human health, and eco-labeling.

  • Producer utilizes his studio facility in Pittsburgh and at Seton Hill University, where he is a professor. The Seton Hill Arts complex is a state-of-the-art facility designed and built with environmental responsibility as a top priority. The facility boasts high ceilings, increased ventilation, connection to the outdoors, operable windows, large openings to filter the air, increased water and air filtration systems, and advanced tools and machinery.
  • Bloom Pendants utilize recycled materials, including plastic sheets from Reimagined Recycling; wood components are laminated reclaimed maple plywood.
  • Lighting products are either UL-Certified or use UL-listed components. Producer usesdomestic third-party manufacturing for the UL Certification and assembly of his lights, including a manufacturing support partner in Derry, PA.
  • Lighting product hardware components feature a low-VOC powder-coated finish, and no adhesives are used for connections and/or during hardware assembly.

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