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Camp Copeland Studio

Alyssa and Drew Kail founded Camp Copeland Studio in 2015 to improve everyday lives through considered design and intentional living. Inspired by Japanese minimalism, Scandinavian design, and the Swedish concept of “lagom” (meaning “just enough”), Camp Copeland’s core products include mindful home goods and décor made from glass and wool.

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New Products Developed with Monmade

Using textile waste, Camp Copeland developed art products that offer aesthetic and functional enhancements for office environments. Made from Merino wool felt remnants, The Color Block: Acoustic Panels showcases Camp Copeland’s core design sensibilities and interest in adding acoustical value and function to their products. The panels can be hung individually and in larger arrangements for visual impact, storage, and to help dampen sounds from surrounding spaces.

Three-Color Block Panels with Small and Large Storage Pockets.

“We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by designing for maximum yield, sourcing remnant or cast-off materials, and minimizing or reusing packaging materials. Our items are a revolution to the mass-produced throwaway culture alternatives by being made to last. We call our work ‘Art for Everyday Living.’ Each piece explores the intersection of art, craft, and design and is a functional artisan-made object of the highest quality.”

Alyssa & Drew Kail

Featured Product Specifications

The panels can be hung individually and in larger arrangements for visual impact, storage, and to help dampen sounds from surrounding spaces. The Three-Color Block Panel is available in a mix of color options of the client’s choosing. For design interest, a cut Circles Overlay may be added. Alternatively, large and small Storage Pockets may be added for function. Desktop Baskets are also available for complimentary office storage.

sustainablyMonmade Insights 

Through our assessment of her studio and processes, Camp Copeland Studio achieves five of Monmade’s six dimensions of sustainability: environment, climate, human health, and social equity.

  • 50% woman-owned creative business located in Braddock, PA, a low-income area.
  • Camp Copeland is committed to handcrafted, small-batch production runs for products made of glass and various textiles, including sustainable wool and reclaimed textile scraps.
  • The Color Block panel collection uses responsibly-harvested Merino wool, typically from Filzfelt’s end-rolls and cut-offs, helping minimize manufacturing waste.
  • Wool is a rapidly renewable resource and is 100% biodegradable. It is durable, has excellent dyeability, and offers sound insulation.
  • Improving the aesthetics and acoustics in office design can help increase well-being and mindfulness of occupants.
  • Panels are assembled using plated steel bolts and aluminum grommets and otherwise dry connections (i.e., no adhesives).
  • Producer takes necessary safety precautions and uses air and water filtration systems and waste stream collection in their studio.
  • The exterior of the Camp Copeland’s home-based studio utilizes stormwater management techniques, including rain barrels and permeable paving.

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