Introducing the Monmade x CDCP Art Print Collection. This versatile and scalable art print collection is available to design professionals seeking unique and impactful wall art solutions. The works, from five of Pittsburgh’s top creatives, not only make strong visual statements — they also have a positive impact on our community and environment.

Discover the Possibilities

Each print featured in this collection is available in multiple colorways and sizes. This way, the compositions and designs that appeal to our clients are suited for a wide variety of spaces. Find artwork featuring bold hues, neutral palettes, and black and white tones.


About the Collection

With the support of The Benter Foundation, Casey Droege Cultural Productions (CDCP) and Monmade have led five artist entrepreneurs in a free six-month Arts Business Coaching Program and produced a co-branded art collection available through Monmade, CDCP, and each of the artists.

Both CDCP and Monmade work with design industry professionals to help integrate artisan-made products and artwork into the built environment. Including the work of designers, artists, and craftspeople, particularly from the same region, into design and development projects, helps create meaningful experiences for guests by enriching storytelling and connections between communities and the spaces we occupy. American consumers appreciate the importance of supporting local producers, with many shopping locally to support the community and economy.

About the Artists

After an open call for applications, five artists were chosen including Deanna Mance, Curtis Reaves, Ignacio Lopez, Jessica Alpern Brown, and Sharell Rushin.

The artists were led through a series of sessions geared at helping them to prepare a portfolio of works and inventory systems, understand cost and pricing, polish their web presence and marketing materials, and create archival, sustainable, and durable final products.

Deanna Mance

Deanna Mance is a self-taught artist based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Working predominantly with ink and gouache on paper, her work explores the interplay of the conscious and unconscious and the relationship between nature and human experience. Deanna’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums including the Carnegie Museum of Art, the State Museum of Pennsylvania, Bankside Gallery in London, and Pittsburgh International Airport. In 2016, she created Pittsburgh’s first asphalt mural, City Composition, on Strawberry Way. The mural was the recipient of  “Best Street Transformation, People’s Choice” from Streetsblog, USA.

Prints by Deanna


Curtis Reaves

Curtis Reaves is a photographer who thoughtfully creates public installations and artful accents for residential and commercial interiors. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums across the United States including the Chicago Historical Society, the Senator John Heinz History Center, and the Carnegie Museum of Art. The foundation and uniqueness of his work is influenced by the process of envisioning the countless possibilities unearthed in discarded materials. Curtis is inspired by shapes, textures, and composition, and he finds the most interesting things in unexpected places. His creative passion and strength are founded in his intrinsic ability to take discarded materials and found artifacts transforming them into distinct pieces that have a lasting impact. Curtis utilizes film, digital processes, and computer technology to transform his work into poetic abstract imagery. His latest work encompasses editioned prints highlighting found materials in wood, plastic, and metals.

Prints by Curtis

Sharell “Rell” Rushin

Sharell “Rell” Rushin uses oil, acrylic, and fiber as a response to daily happenings, her inner monologue, beauty standards, and the portrayal of Black people in global media. She was born and raised in the east end of Pittsburgh – Rell’s youth was spent as a classically trained singer, studying voice grades 6-12 at both at Rogers CAPA, a high school for the creative and performing arts. Long before her dreams of being an Opera star, she took interest in fashion design, honing her sewing skills by creating fashions for her extensive collection of Barbie dolls. However, she did not take interest in drawing and painting until her senior year of high school while preparing her portfolio for Art and Design College.

Prints by Rell


Jessica Alpern Brown

Jessica Alpern Brown is a multidisciplinary artist with a diverse background and is driven by her curiosity. She started her career as a photographer in the United States Navy. After graduating from the New England School of Photography, she accepted a position as a forensic photographer for the State of Texas. After years working for government institutions, she joined the crew of a sailboat working as a travel photographer, navigator, and handyman before returning to the U.S. to focus on her art practice. While she is primarily a paper cutter, she works with a variety of materials from resin and acrylic to found objects and organic matter. She currently resides in Pittsburgh with her husband, son, and cats. She is represented by the Boxheart Gallery and is a recipient of the 2020 Emerging Artist Award from the Three Rivers Arts Festival.

Work by Jessica


Ignacio Lopez

Ignacio Lopez’s work is rooted in screen printing and graphite art. He is a graduate from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor’s in Fiction Writing, Studio Arts, and a certificate in Public and Professional Writing. In 2018 he was accepted into the Pittsburgh Print Group and in 2019, the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh. While in quarantine, he focused on expanding his art business by creating an online Etsy store called Lopez & Sons PGH as well as selling through Small Mall Pittsburgh and the AAP’s multiple sales. Today, his art print collection featuring dynamic geometries and hand-drawn details is showcased by the Monmade x CDCP Collection.