Abbie Adams Studio


Abbie Adams is a freelance illustrator and artist working with a variety of traditional mediums including print, painting, and visual design. Often working in sets and collections, Abbie creates intricate, hand drawn images that show her fascination with line, repetition, and grouping similar objects. In addition to her artful offerings found in her online shop, Abbie Adams Studio has collaborated with Pittsburgh businesses including Wigle Whiskey, Union Project, and Repair the World to create distinctive, locally-themed products and projects.


Always, beginning with a sketch, Abbie develops by hand each of her studio’s products, including stationery, prints, custom fine art pieces, and murals. Her favorite materials to work with are pen and ink, paint, and paper. The simplicity and detail of her imagery define her signature aesthetic and approach. Whether a collection of state birds, series of local buildings, or an illustration unique to her clients, Abbie’s artwork captures the essential and noteworthy details of her subjects.


In addition to paper products and custom creations for clients, Abbie is working to incorporate her designs and illustrations onto everyday objects like table and barware. Recently, she collaborated with fellow MONMADE producer Jenna Vanden Brink to create an illustrated series of neighborhood themed platters.