Ceramist Chelsea Erdner creates minimal and timeless home goods and tableware for her studio, Bombabird. Chelsea grew up making ceramics throughout high school and college. When she graduated from The Art Institute in Pittsburgh, she began a career in the design industry. Her desire to handcraft her own creations brought her back to ceramics. Following ceramics training at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Chelsea launched Bombabird in 2016. Chelsea found quick success. She began as Bombabird part-time project and today it quickly grow as a full-time studio practice.


Chelsea focuses on creating work that is beautiful and functional. She designs each piece to enhance simple, everyday moments like drinking a morning coffee or enjoying a meal. Paying careful attention to form, Chelsea’s designs often start with a simple sketch that she crafts in clay using a pottery wheel. She throws most of her work using a dark stoneware clay body. She mixes proprietary glazes to create unique finishes. Bombabird ceramic wares feature neutral tones and muted modern hues.


Chelsea focuses on growing her collection and her business. She welcomes interest in her collection from local and national retailers. As she cultivates Bombabird, she remains open to new ideas for fresh projects and custom orders.