Braddock Tiles


Founded in 2012, Braddock Tiles is a socially engaged business that produces durable handmade ceramic architectural tiles and fine art tiles. The studio is located in the Braddock neighborhood within the larger context of post-industrial unemployment. Braddock Tiles works to create job opportunities for its neighbors, and provides work readiness programming for young adults.


Project managers Katie Johnson and KT Tierney oversee Braddock Tiles’ daily operation and studio production. As experienced ceramicists, Katie and KT work together and with local youth to produce artful, durable, and handcrafted architectural tiles. They also create a screen printed, decorative collection of tiles. From mixing clay and glazes to making molds to firing tiles, all aspects of tile fabrication are undertaken from Braddock Tiles’ home at the Bathhouse Ceramic Studio in the historic Braddock Carnegie Library. By producing its own clay, Braddock Tiles’ ensures its tiles’ resistance to water absorption for interior and exterior applications including walkways, backsplashes, and bathrooms.


With MONMADE, Braddock Tiles is promoting its line of architectural tiles to interior designers, architects, and home renovation experts. This range of tiles is designed to bring character and individuality to interior and exterior projects. All tiles are handmade to order for custom installations.