"Our philosophy is brewed with gratitude, burn with love. and we plan on continuing that philosophy in everything we do."


Brewed2Burn® offers bespoke, hand poured, and beer-inspired candles. Established by Michelle Dangelo Arnoni, Brewed2Burn reimagines everyday beverage bottles and brews by creating candles that evoke the scents found in aromatic craft beer. Michelle grew up in the beer distribution industry and worked alongside her father in their family business. In 2017, she combined her love for the beer industry and passion for candle-making with Brewed2Burn. Today, Brewed2Burn offers a wide range of luxury candles including a line champagne-inspired candles, Bubbly2Burn.


Brewed2Burn candles are carefully handcrafted using all-natural, soy wax. From amber ales to oatmeal stouts, Michelle draws inspiration for her candle scents from the ingredients and aromatics found in today’s most popular beers. Brewed2Burn candles are currently available in six signature scents as well as seasonally-themed releases. Playing on the theme of Brewed2Burn, Michelle also developed Bubbly2Burn. The champagne-inspired candles are handmade to the same standards and feature luxurious scents like Brut and Rosé.


A portion of the proceeds of each Brewed2Burn and Bubbly2Burn candle sale is donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). Brewed2Burn’s complete collection of candles is available for purchase online and collections can be found at Pittsburgh-area retailers, including love, Pittsburgh. Michelle now offers custom scent, white-label candles made by special order for breweries and brewpubs, as well as wedding and corporate gifts.