Center for Metal Arts

“With our newly refurbished industrial equipment, we reestablish our region’s capacity for producing large-scale contemporary metalwork.”


Incorporated in 2018 under the leadership of Pat Quinn and Dan Neville, the Center for Metals Arts offers contemporary sculptural and architectural metalwork. As a fully equipped blacksmith shop, the Center for Metal Arts operates both as production facility and trade school. They also teach traditional skills with a competitive internship program. Through the use of time-honored tools and techniques, the Center for Metal Arts helps preserve timeless skills while creating a new legacy of industrial forging.


Operating in the former Cambria Iron Co. facility in Johnstown, PA, the Center for Metals Arts is inspired by the manufacturing heritage of its location and the surrounding community. This shop specializes in metal forging, traditional joinery, and fine finish work. Pat and Dan often create large outdoor sculptures while also producing architectural commissions for private homes and businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.


The Center for Metal Arts expands its use of its historic campus with the reopening the blacksmith shop (ca.1864), bringing large-scale and rare forging equipment back to life and usefulness. This facility allows the Center for Metal Arts to create new sculpture on a monumental scale.