Collarbone Jewelry

I want my jewelry to make people smile, to stop and reflect on the gifts and abundance all around them. My jewelry is made with love and gratitude – it is whimsical and emotive, not calculated or precise. I think that is why it has so much soul.


Established in 2010 by Cat Luck, Collarbone Jewelry grew from the raw aesthetic of the natural world. Cat thinks of herself as a visual storyteller, using the alchemy of pure and mixed metals, semi-precious gems, and rough stone to create striking and eclectic jewelry.  Starting in Salt Lake City, then Seattle, and now Pittsburgh, Cat began her workshop while attending school for fashion design. She has since apprenticed in lost-wax-casting and studied with stone-setters and silversmiths. In the Collarbone Jewelry line, Cat draws from traditional jewelry techniques to create individualistic, gender-fluid pieces that express the wearer’s true spirit.


Cat’s approach to designing products – including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets – is internal, intuitive, and spiritual. She creates jewelry using recycled and found materials alongside semi-precision gemstones and handout hammered metals. With a passion for making and creative discovery, Cat continuously reinvents her collections and develops new designs that are refreshingly eclectic and modern.


Collarbone Jewelry is featured in fashion, home décor, museum, and jewelry boutiques nationwide. Collarbone debuted at New York Fashion Week in 2014 and remains a presence at the Sundance Film Festival for over six years. Cat is developing the CAT LUCK capsule collection, a sister brand to Collarbone Jewelry. This body of work features finely crafted minimalist, geometric jewelry designs in sterling silver, 14K gold and gold fill.