Concrete 25

"We created Concrete 25 to channel our years of experience and deep material knowledge into products with minimal designs, high-end beauty, and impressive functionality."


Concrete 25 produces custom concrete designs including countertops, sinks, vanities, furniture, planters, and fire pits. Doug and Deanna Seruga bring over 25 years in the concrete industry to Concrete 25, and more than 10 years developing interior and exterior design products. With their dedicated team they bring customers’ visions to life.


From countertops to planters, Concrete 25 products begin with tailored forms and molds. Using modern tools and finishing techniques, Concrete 25 develops designs to compliment a variety of styles. Their wide variety of concrete products can be customized with pigment, finish, and edge treatments to align with any aesthetic.


Concrete 25 works with homeowners and design professionals to create modern and artful finishes, d├ęcor, and showpieces. Concrete 25 often collaborates other producers in Monmade to develop dynamic mixed-material products including indoor and outdoor furniture incorporating wood and steel.