Deep Greene Woodworks

“Trees have been on my mind and in my heart a long time.”


Jeffrey Greene founded Deep Greene Woodworks in 2011 to foster a closer connection between nature and his profession. Always a nature enthusiast and explorer, Jeff loves trees. Having heated his home with wood for decades, it was through cutting and splitting countless logs that he came to appreciate the beauty of fallen timber. He also recognized the many beautiful surfaces created from natural materials. Through his work as a furniture designer and maker, Jeff brings together a lifetime of experiences as a builder, student of art and architecture, and passionate environmentalist.


Jeff starts by cutting logs on a sawmill and searches for the story and wonder of the wood. He is an expert in “spalting” which is the coloration and patterning of wood caused by fungi. Jeff cultivates this process to produce his own distinctive stock of materials for Deep Greene Woodworks. His collection of wood products includes tables, sconces, and decorative screens handcrafted in the wood shop using traditional and new technologies. Jeff uses modern machines for routing and joinery to ensure the precise construction of his work.


With MONMADE, Deep Green Woodworks launches a new range of lighting sconces alongside a showcase of wood surfaces and furniture installations. Jeff is open to collaboration with architects and designers. He looks forward to employing his expertise in spalting and sequenced panel assembly, and envisions large-scale applications of his hand-cultivated wood stock as unique interior design accents.