Emmanuelle Ceramics

“Lace and fabric fall apart. Impressing these materials into ceramic wares ensures that one beautiful and meaningful object gives longer life to another.”


Emmanuelle Ceramics offers handmade functional ceramic dinnerware and decor that celebrates ephemeral design. Using hand-built and wheel-thrown ceramic techniques, Emmanuelle Wambach creates her eponymous line. A trained fine artist, Emmanuelle spent over 10 years continuing her education and honing her craft. Today, Emmanuelle believes that ceramic objects can be utilitarian and ornate, She strikes this balance in her current line of work.


Emmanuelle combines different techniques of texturing, carving, imprinting, and sculpting to cover her clay surfaces in lace and floral motifs. Drawing from found laces and fabrics in vintage Victorian and Rococo styles, she creates simple and elegant forms with embellished surfaces.


With Monmade, Emmanuelle launches her tabletop collection featuring lace imprints in a variety of patterns, shapes, and glaze options. Available at PG&H and by custom order, Emmanuelle creates products suitable for everyday use in the home and for hospitality.