“Together, what we craft and create will inspire the return of fabrication and manufacturing careers to the resourceful neighborhoods that inspire us.”


In a decommissioned Wilkinsburg firehouse, EngineHouse was founded in 2011 by Carnegie Mellon University graduates Adam Lackett, Kellen Fenaughty, and Ian English. From a workshop located in a former school building, EngineHouse appreciates the enduring quality and character of Pittsburgh’s distinct neighborhoods. With the return of urbanism, this full-service design-build firm takes pride in building stock and furnishing old and new spaces with timeless furniture and lighting.


All members of EngineHouse are skilled craftsmen, providing a diverse set of capabilities and experiences in the building trades and design community. A collective educational background from Carnegie Mellon University’s architecture program refined their design and concept theory, and informs their use of the computer aided modeling skills required to execute precise, detail oriented work. In addition to formal training, EngineHouse’s team logged thousands of hours in the woodshop, worksite, and field. They possess strong foundations in woodworking and carpentry. This shared and expansive foundation allows for individual specialization in developing a product from concept to design. They create products and environments engineered to last a lifetime.


Since its inception, EngineHouse created unique products and pieces to fit specific spaces and commissions. Inspired by MONMADE’s commitment to fostering craft manufacturing, EngineHouse is now developing a line of commercially available products including lighting and furniture. Through thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship, EngineHouse works to create “future antiques,” objects and spaces intended to be enjoyed for generations to come.