FMS & Sons


Todd Sanders designs and builds one-of-a-kind furniture, toys, games, books, and decorative objects from his studio, FMS & Sons. While pursuing a degree in architecture, he learned woodworking basics building models for projects. Todd touts skills as graphic designer, translator, and book artist. His studio name honors the memory of his father – who was a woodworker – as well as his grandfathers. Today, Todd’s shop focuses on creating distinctive designs and custom projects for commission and retail clients.


Todd builds furniture, often with reclaimed or unwanted wood, as well as small utilitarian items and assemblage objects. All of FMS & Sons’ products reflect the natural beauty of the materials used. Todd carefully plans and crafts his custom furniture pieces and products, and the result emerges as precise and timeless workmanship. His furniture responds to the character of the wood, resulting in unique tables and surfaces for clients that appreciate heirloom-quality goods. Todd’s inventive spirit and aesthetic expertise also shape his wood toys and games. They offer children and families objects that look beautiful and play beautifully.


Todd manages FMS & Sons’ production while seeking new clients to collaborate with and provide goods to. He steadily grows his portfolio of furniture and product designs. Todd currently offers several tables, toys, and games, as well design objects available for purchase. He welcomes custom commissions for furniture and wholesale orders for toys and games.