Frost Finery


Founded in 2014 by Melissa Frost, Frost Finery is a Pittsburgh jewelry studio. She creates modern designs using traditional and new jewelry making techniques. Melissa handcrafts every piece in her collection using a combination of hi-tech and handmade methods. Established in a city known for metal manufacturing, Frost Finery reinvigorates time-honored materials including silver, gold, and brass with modern design and technology.


Using a mix of laser cutting, 3D design, and traditional metalsmithing practices, Frost Finery offers a collection of fashionable, often playfully jewelry including earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Her studio plans to create a collection of home goods including wall hooks, coasters, and hardware that reflect same aesthetic. Whether geometric jewelry or whimsical décor, every design starts with a sketch. She then produces a prototype rendered in modeling software to check for size, fit, and durability. Melissa fabricates her collection at her studio and at a number of Pittsburgh’s creative workshops, including Contemporary Craft and TechShop. She elegantly brings together new and old methods of making.


As Frost Finery grows, Melissa is excited to expand collections, collaborate with new businesses, and meet new art and design needs. Eager to embrace design challenges, Melissa welcomes requests for new jewelry and home décor. Her studio’s work and success is fueled by fulfilling custom requests and wholesale orders.