Gavin Benjamin

"I create edgy, raw, bold, beautiful, chic, and glossy photo base images for the forward-thinking development and interior design crowd."


As a multi-faceted artist, Gavin Benjamin continually experiments with new mediums. Although especially drawn to photography, he also works with painting and printmaking. Born in Guyana, Gavin received a Bachelor of Fine Art from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He worked with nationally recognized brands including Kenneth Cole, Exposure NY, Esquire, and Good Housekeeping. His experience in publishing and commercial photography influence his work today.


Gavin creates fine art images for interior design applications. He captures striking images of people, places, and objects to design work that is bold and chic. Gavin starts with his photographs, cutting and manipulating them both digitally and by hand, to assemble layered, glossy mixed media pieces.


With Monmade, Gavin releases SERIES, a limited collection of photographic collages reproduced on metal. These images are repeatable for residential and commercial installations. Drawing on his design industry experience, Gavin also works with design professionals to create custom works of art for interior projects.