Glenn Olcerst


Glenn Olcerst, a skilled photographer and stoneworker, creates large-scale photos for commercial installations and a range of patterned stonework, including custom backsplashes, mantels, tabletops, bathrooms, and outdoor installations. Glenn’s photographic and stone art installations are meticulously planned and handcrafted. Each installation makes a powerful visual statement and brings everyday spaces to life. Recognized by HGTV, Glenn’s stonework was featured in two TV shows showcasing noteworthy art throughout the country. Following a portfolio review, Glenn was invited to serve on the prestigious Board of the Silver Eye Center for Photography.


Glenn approaches each project to create distinctive, often one-of-a-kind pieces. For his complex mosaics, Glenn works each element with his fingers – often centimeters from the blade – to shape the materials into exacting forms and dynamic patterns. His photographs use a proprietary process of manipulating digital imagery using flexible mirrors and handmade lenses. The final images are rendered with inkjet printing on lightly brushed metal and then heat sealed. The effect of both innovative processes provides artful installations for commercial and residential spaces.


Glenn seeks new private and commercial clients. Glenn was selected as the only artist to adorn the walls of the corporate headquarters of the former owner of the Colorado Rockies. His photographic abstracts are part of the PNC Bank and Giant Eagle’s Corporate collections, as well offices, hotels, and restaurants locally and around the world. He continues to offer stonework installations. For Pittsburgh’s famous Mexican War Streets neighborhood, Glenn installed an exterior mural titled First Historic District inspired by the historic architecture of his neighborhood. He looks forward to more opportunities to add lasting beauty to public and private spaces.