Janet Watkins Ceramics

“I create from the heart to offer unique, beautiful, and affordable pieces. My work is a reflection of the world around me and my love of the clay process.”


Janet Watkins’ love for clay evolved organically through the encouragement of friends and family into a budding artistic career. Offering a rotating assortment of jewelry, sculpture, and home goods, Janet’s handcrafted ceramic products are beautiful and accessible. Her recent products include sculptural planters, hand-built vases, and carved pendants.


Using clay and salvaged materials, Janet’s ceramic goods are formed and built by hand. Carefully sculpting and adorning each surface, Janet’s products offer an array of distinctive textures and images. Lately, Janet has developed a collection of sculptural planters, playfully called Potheads, designed to be artful and functional inside or outdoors.


As Janet continues to explore personal narratives and contemporary culture in her work, she seeks to expand her creative business and serve as a role model for women in the arts. Janet’s work has been featured at the Union Project, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, and the August Wilson Center. She seeks more opportunities to expand her work in clay and grow her creative business.