Pittsburgh Glass Center


The Penn & Fairmount collection offers glass tableware with a sleek, modern sensibility. The work is designed by Jason Forck, and handmade at the Pittsburgh Glass Center. The collection is available through the Pittsburgh Glass Center, a nonprofit school and studio with an exhibitions gallery and state-of-the-art glass equipment. The Pittsburgh Glass Center supports a thriving glass ecosystem of skilled people and innovative programming, and helps shape the region’s creative economy.


For the Penn & Fairmount collection, Jason Forck and his team designed two distinct silhouettes in a variety of translucent, soft hues. Using traditional Venetian techniques, Inflate and Cinch glassware showcase modern design and a mastery of glassblowing. Inflate’s pitcher, vase, and wine tumbler are balanced and elegantly formed. Cinch’s carafe, vase, and cups are modern, crisp, and geometric. Together, these lines reflect the Pittsburgh Glass Center’s capacity to produce refined products for the marketplace.


The Pittsburgh Glass Center’s production line – designed and made by its skilled staff – pays homage to Pittsburgh’s glass legacy. Before steel, Pittsburgh’s fame derived from its glass heritage. For over a century, the region was the center of production and marketing for American-made glass. Today, the Pittsburgh Glass Center recasts this history through the introduction of the Penn & Fairmount collection.