Jen Allen Ceramics

"My porcelain tableware honors and enhances the rhythms of home life while expressing sentiments of beauty and joy.”


Based in Morgantown, WV, Jen Allen Ceramics offers delicate and detailed porcelain tableware. Jen started her artistic practice more than 20 years ago. She focuses on creating designs that bring beauty, joy, and unique character to the home and table. Her collections include pitchers, plates, trays, mugs, and kitchenware adored with her original, nature-inspired textures and patterns. She also currently offers a collection of modern ceramic jewelry.


Using a variety of techniques, including hand building and wheel throwing, Jen creates a variety of handcrafted home goods and jewelry. As a lover of textiles and sewing, she then uses darting, pitching, and pulling to add details like pleats, tufts, and ruffles to her distinctive ceramics forms. Jen finishes her work with carvings and stamps of floral motifs and textures. The resulting artful compositions impart a spirit of whimsy and merriment.


Determined to keep handmade as an essential element of the contemporary home, Jen seeks to foster a sense of celebration and character through her tableware. As her business expands, she looks forward to collaborating with other makers to bring new ideas to life.