Keith Hershberger Ceramics


Keith Hershberger offers a collection of wheel-thrown, wood-fired pottery designed for everyday use. Juxtaposing earthen and refined surfaces, Keith’s mugs, vases, plates, and bowls feature rich layers of texture and imagery. Keith has been working as a clay artist for more than 20 years. He is a graduate of Goshen College where he studied fine art with a focus on ceramics. In 2016, Keith established his full-time studio practice and introduced his collection of ceramic goods.


Keith’s handcrafted, functional ceramics are often wood-fired and finished with stenciled and screen-printed decoration. In the wood kiln, intense heat and ash react with minerals in the clay to give each Keith’s pottery distinctive character. With contemporary design and function in mind, Keith contrasts the varied and rugged wood-fired surfaces with smooth glazes. His refined, food-safe finishes offer beautiful layers, texture, and color, especially when accented by Keith’s printed and stenciled designs.


Keith Hershberger Ceramics are available at shops and galleries locally and regionally. He also sells his wares at seasonal markets throughout the East Coast and Midwest. Open to new adventures in making and collaboration, Keith continues to grow and expand his collection of tabletop ceramics.