KLoRebel Art


With a background in painting and print media, Kirsten Lowe-Rebel started her business, KLoRebel Art, creating unique gifts, jewelry, and personal accessories. These objects feature her original hand drawn artwork. With a strong connection to time and place, Kirsten’s artwork reflects the architecture and landmarks of her hometown of Pittsburgh. She continues to add to her stock of skylines and urban landscapes with her travels to new destinations.


Kirsten carefully applies her meticulous line work sketches to a growing collection of home goods and personal accessories, including jewelry cuff bracelets, kitchen towels, throw pillows, tiles and coasters, wine stops, and prints and stationery. She also offers custom house, venue, and business portraits, creating one-of-a-kind commissioned drawings for each building she encounters and client she collaborates with.


Looking forward to growing her business, Kirsten plans to add production support to help her fabricate and expand her current offering of goods and accessories. She enjoys developing and handcrafting products from her home-based studios, and Kirsten is eager to grow her business in various ways. She aims to make more time to create new drawings, the source of her current and future success, by working with partners that offer an increase in production capacity.