KMJ Metalworks

"KMJ Metalworks fuses advanced technology with traditional techniques. We provide customers with high quality products that represent our love of art and design.”


Established by Ramone Patterson in 2011, KMJ Metalworks offers geometric metal screens and artistic accents. His creative talent developed at a young age and deepened following training as a professional welder at the Dean Institute of Technology. The training allows him to transform hand-draw renderings into three-dimensional works of art. Utilizing CNC machining and industrial tools, Ramone taps his expertise in pattern, symmetry, and shadow to create distinctive architectural accents.


With expertise in metalworking and drawing, KMJ Metalworks’ metal screens and artworks begin with sketches and digital drawings. Using CNC cutting and traditional metalworking techniques, sheets of metal evolve into intricately cut and highly finished design elements. KMJ Metalworks offers a range of powder coat finishes to add custom color and texture to products.


KMJ Metalworks’ line of decorative metal screens and artistic accents is expanding. These design elements custom fit to interior design and architectural projects. Computer-aided production allows for repetition and scaling of Ramone’s unique designs, and hand finishing and welding allows for custom, highly crafted applications.