LaVerne Kemp


LaVerne Kemp offers hand-woven textiles and artful accessories. A trained fine artist, LaVerne creates wearable and functional art-as-personal accessories and home goods. She also produces one-of-a-kind woven pieces like quilts and wall hangings that express her cultural heritage and historical perspectives. As an African-American maker, LaVerne draws inspiration from the world around her. She weaves together colors, patterns, and textures, creating stunning and distinctive goods.


LaVerne weaves and sews each of her unique designs by loom and by hand. Using a traditional manual loom, she interlaces fibers to create tightly knit shawls and throw blankets. For her apparel designs including hats and scarves, she cuts and carefully pieces together each sewn piece of wearable art.


LaVerne offers her accessories and home goods for sale through local markets and boutiques. As an award-winning textile artist, LaVerne emerged as a leader in Pittsburgh’s fiber arts community. She continues to explore new methods of making and materials for her products including photo transfer, batik, stamping, dying, beading, embroidery, and quilting.