Lock House Studio

“I specialize in ceramics design, and offer a collection of jewelry inspired by the patterns and shapes found in my pottery collections.”


Established in 2007, Lock House Studio is an interdisciplinary studio based in Morgantown, WV. Offering a collection of functional ceramics and mixed-media jewelry, founding artist Lisa Giuliani creates work designed for everyday use and enjoyment. Making pottery and crafting earrings and necklaces from her riverfront studio, Lisa is inspired by the history that surrounds her. From vintage fabric and wallpaper to rusted metals and tiles, she retools and reimagines pattern and texture for Lock House Studio home goods and accessories.


Pattern and process are central in the primary pottery collection from Lock House Studio. Now, these elements influence the jewelry that Lisa creates. Her hand-thrown ceramics feature arrays of dots and lines. Similar motifs are echoed in her hand cut and adorned earrings and necklaces.


Passionate about community and creative placemaking, Lock House Studio is open to the public to shop and observe the creative process. Lisa looks forward to developing her varieties of surface patterns and an assortment of products, including dinnerware.