Magnet Ceramics


Magnet Ceramics produces contemporary tableware including plates, bowls, tumblers, cups, and platters. Driven by the creative process, studio founder Andrew Jowdy “AJ” Collins continues to explore his sculptural interests while developing production tableware. Influenced by everyday items and the environment, AJ’s designs are familiar, yet imaginative. He began making ceramics in 1999 in the North Carolina mountains while studying at the Penland School of Crafts. After traveling the globe, Magnet Ceramics was established in 2013 when AJ arrived in Pittsburgh.


All of Magnet Ceramics’ pieces are handcrafted by AJ. He devotes time and attention to creating his tabletop designs, like his Topo Tableware, which references both topographic maps and cafeteria trays. AJ meticulously works clay toward its final form, manipulating, and refining the surface with precision and care. The result emerges as a collection of subtlety elegant pieces, each visually engaging and a pleasure to use.


Magnet Ceramics previews several lines of tableware with MONMADE. United by aesthetic sensibility, these collections showcase a range of styles. AJ introduces Magnet Ceramics to put his creations to work on tabletops and in kitchens throughout Pittsburgh and beyond.