Maia Leppo


Maia Leppo is a metalsmith and jeweler. Her signature designs are botanical and industrial. Using technology-aided and traditional handcrafted processes, her jewelry and home goods feature unexpected textures and subtle geometries. To build her skills, she participated in artist residences for jewelry and metals from craft schools including Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Pocosin Arts, Penland School of Crafts, and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. She received her Masters of Fine Art from SUNY New Paltz and is currently a resident artist at the Brew House Association in Pittsburgh, PA.


Using a combination of 3-D rendering software, laser-cutting, and hand finishing, Maia creates distinctive modern jewelry and home décor. Inspired by botanical elements, she abstracts and simplifies naturally occurring shapes and patterns into minimal and thoughtful forms. Maia uses the computer to explore and experiment with scale, volume, movement, and repetition. In pursuit of form as well as function, she develops products that are well made and balanced.


Maia recently released a collection of candlesticks and votive holders available for sale through Monmade’s 2017-2018 exhibition, Interiors with Impact. These new products reflect the artistry and approach of her jewelry collection. To increase her capacity to create new products, Maia is working closely with advanced manufacturers in the Pittsburgh region to explore new ways of making and expand production. Maia’s products are now available for retail and wholesale trade.