Margaret Haden Ceramics


Margaret Haden handcrafts beautiful, well-made ceramic goods. Her utilitarian and imaginative collection of tableware and décor includes pottery, lamps, vases, and tumblers. A skilled ceramicist and sculptor, Margaret holds a Master of Fine Art from The College of Ceramics at Alfred University. Margaret’s whimsical home goods recall her intricate, fine art vessels. Playful and sculptural, her newest everyday wares include boldly colored baskets and vases, as well as adorned cups.


Margaret’s designs are elegant and intricate, yet her approach to making is straightforward. Using her hands, she builds each vessel or object from clay, designing forms that not only look good but also function well. After creating the foundation of each item, Margaret often cuts into the unfired surface, creating surface marks that define each form. Margaret then enhances each piece with colorful glazes and finishes, creating chic functional goods.


With MONMADE, Margaret continues grow her collection of tableware and home décor. Exploring tile and lighting design, she would like to work with interior designers making distinctive décor for larger spaces like hotel lobbies and restaurants.