Mia Tarducci

“Creating work is like breathing – it’s a necessary and fundamental part of who I am. My original work drives my practice, and am excited to design distinctive new interpretations of my art in furniture and lighting."


Mia Tarducci is a professional artist and designer. Since 2009, her bold, large-scale fine art paintings have been exhibited at galleries and museums throughout the United States. Mia’s work is collected globally, seen in movies and television productions, and featured in national publications. Today, she creates new, personally-driven artwork alongside custom commissions for private clients, as well as select furniture, lighting, and textile designs.


Mia creates and designs from her heart. Her creative process is intrinsic. Her broad strokes of paint, pens, and stains express a fundamental part of herself. For works guided by clients, Mia balances client input with inspiration from her past compositions. Mia also transforms elements of her original work to textiles and prints on metal. Additionally, she translated her bold artistry and sculptural expertise into modern furniture and lighting designs.


Mia looks forward to offering a range of custom products that complement her original artwork. Recently, she rendered room-sized paintings for reproduction on metal. The printed results emerge as large-scale and replicable works for distinctive interior design projects, including residential and public spaces.