Mike Korsak

“I want to grow my business through the development of thoughtfully designed items suitable for limited production.”


Mike Korsak is an award-winning furniture maker. His reverence for all things wood was nurtured at an early age by his grandfather, a hobbyist woodworker and carpenter. Throughout high school, college, and beyond, Mike explored wood as a building material through woodworking. He studied The Pennsylvania State University focusing on timber framing, carpentry, and designing timber frames. In 2005, Mike and his future wife, Jen, moved to New England, an area with a rich tradition and a national hub for studio furniture making. Mike worked with a celebrated maker, which informed the types of finely detailed work he now produces in the Fox Chapel area of Pittsburgh.


Mike possesses a strong personal aesthetic and is driven to create by the need to express his aesthetic. He offers design-focused, finely detailed wood furniture built on commission. Using hand tools as often as possible, Mike believes that wood responds positively to these traditional implements. Mike uses power tools to rough mill material, and to remove large amounts of wood in preparation for final shaping and smoothing. Mike’s fishing practices of hand tooling allows for more precise joinery, smoother surfaces, and increased clarity of wood grain.


While continuing with fabrication of custom furniture pieces, Mike seeks to grow his business with the addition of a limited collection of thoughtfully designed wood products for the home. Beginning with this coat hook/spice rack, this range of wares brings Mike’s celebrated aesthetic to everyday living spaces.