Mountain Craft Wide Plank

“Harnessing the beauty of the West Virginia and Southwestern Pennsylvania, we offer a range of custom wood products.”


Established in 2009, Mountain Craft Wide Plank offers standard and custom wood products, including hardwood flooring, millwork, countertops, and decorative beams. With an appreciation and respect for nature, founder Matt Thorn brings his passion to every Mountain Craft Wide Plank product. From custom surface finishes to specialty wood sourcing, Mountain Craft Wide Plank responsibly manufactures using local resources to create distinctive wood finishes for commercial and residential projects.


Like the rings of a tree, each plank of wood handled by Mountain Craft Wide Plank helps tell a story. Inspired by time-worn floors and paneling, Matt offers custom finishes to his collection of standard products. Hand sculpting techniques may be applied to batches of wood flooring and paneling to bring character and warmth to interior design projects. Using custom tooling and with an expert eye, Matt also offers historic millwork reproduction for architectural projects.


Based near Morgantown, WV, Mountain Craft Wide Plank extends its reach to clients in the Pittsburgh region. Surrounded by an abundance of natural resources from West Virginia and Southwestern Pennsylvania, Mountain Craft Wide Plank offers regionally sourced wood products for environmentally conscientious home and business owners.