Naked Geometry


Established in 2013, Naked Geometry celebrates geometry through jewelry, art, and home accents. A hobbyist turned artist, founder James Gyre first studied geometry to improve his painting and drawing skills. Through this education, James deepened his understanding of sacred geometry, fractal mathematics, plane-tiling, and knotworks. Today, Naked Geometry is led by James, Laura Gyre, and David Villaverde. Together, this creative team translates theoretical and artistic mathematical pursuits into an array of functional handcrafted goods.


Using laser-cutting, CNC fabrication, and traditional woodworking techniques, Naked Geometry transforms salvaged wood into a wide range of objects including lighting, art prints, furniture, and jewelry. They transform a stock of felled wood, reclaimed lumber, and scraps from Pittsburgh woodshops into extraordinary decorative accessories. The studio’s most complex geometric designs are created with inlayed veneers, dome construction, and hand carving.


Through meaningful partnerships with interior designers and homeowners, Naked Geometry seeks to create large-scale installations of geometric designs. With experience creating pendant lamps, tabletops, wall shelves, and panels, James and his team look forward to taking these designs to a grander scale for screens and feature walls.