Nicole Renee Ryan

“I paint journeys through imagined spaces and misremembered places. These landscapes are based on my memories of memories.”


Nicole Renee Ryan is a contemporary watercolorist, oil painter, and muralist from Mercer, PA. Nicole paints imagined landscapes but, surprisingly, she’s not all that interested in landscape paintings. She went to school for psychology and uses landscapes to explore the concept of memory. Her goal is to recreate a place she felt she had been, but can’t quite pinpoint. Recognized regionally with artists awards and residencies, Nicole’s work has been exhibited throughout Mid-Atlantic and Midwest, including Superfine! Art Fair NYC, Architectural Digest NYC, Gallery Oh! Chicago, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, and Chautauqua Institute of Art.


Nicole uses color and shape to create ethereal landscapes that illustrate the tension between memory and imagination, the real and the unreal. She is interested in exploring imagined spaces and misremembered places, and mixing these recollections to create new abstract landscapes. Most of her work is offered through her studio practice. Occasionally, Nicole offers commissions, including mural-sized work.


As Nicole continues her studio practice she welcomes inquiries from design professionals seeing larger works for public and private spaces. Through Monmade, Nicole’s work is featured in Mews on Butler, a modern residence staged with artwork and home accessories from featured producers.