Paul Michael Design

“We share the experience of designing with clients. Sitting down with each client, we offer customized heirloom-quality jewelry.”


Paul Michael Design specializes in modern and creative custom jewelry. Owner Paul Michael Bierker is a trained artist and jewelry designer and holds certifications in gem identification and grading. Together with his dedicated team of bench jewelers, Paul Michael Design’s studio storefront offers clients a place to shop current collections and design custom pieces. Current collections include bridal jewelry and specialty-themed collections of earrings, necklaces, and rings.


Paul marries his love of art and technology using computer aided design to create his studio collections and bespoke products. Clients are invited to participate in the creative process as it happens on-screen at Paul Michael Design’s storefront. Finalized designs are fabricated on site. Jewelry components are cast in custom-milled and 3D printed molds, each piece of jewelry is carefully finished by hand.


Using technology as a catalyst for creating new products, Paul Michael Design welcomes inquiries for custom and commercial orders. From reimagined heirloom jewelry to custom themed retail collection, this design studio embraces creative inputs from its clients.