Reiko Yamamoto


Reiko Yamamoto makes modern, versatile, and functional pottery for everyday use. In 2013, Reiko began her studio practice in Pittsburgh, after studying fine art at The College of Ceramics at Alfred University. Her aesthetic and collection are most influenced by her childhood in Japan. Reiko ate daily meals from handmade pottery. Her family’s table filled with an eclectic array of serving pieces and dishes in various sizes, shapes, and patterns. Today, Reiko’s range of tabletop and home goods are made to mix-and-match and create a meaningful collection.


Each piece in Reiko’s collection is designed, created, and fired at her studio. She offers an array of products including trays, plates, bowls, cups, mugs, as well as decorative objects like vases and lidded boxes. Reiko plays with simple forms and poetic imperfections, which are the result of her hand-built process. She responds to the clay as she works with it in her hands, individually forming and sculpting her work. Each piece in her collection has its own character and feel – these are memorable, tactile pieces.


Reiko is dedicated to creating quality work that celebrates handmade and ceramic traditions. She looks forward to growing her studio while staying true to her personal, hands-on approach to designing and making.