Salvador Alane


Salvador Alane is a new line of modern bar and tableware from glass artists Julian Salvador Maturino and Leah Alane Lynn. Julian and Leah began making work together in 2011 at the Penland School of Crafts. They instantly connected over a love of glass and product design. Since 2016, they developed a line of thoughtfully designed glassware. Exploring optics and layers of transparency, their new collection of glassware, decanters, pitchers, serving pieces, and home décor is sophisticated and timeless.


Julian and Leah split the demands of developing and creating Salvador Alane’s collection. Leah primarily focuses on design, sketching, and planning for their range of goods. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Design and currently works for Forms+Surfaces, an architectural product design company. Julian leads manufacturing. He appreciates the physical demands of glassmaking and enjoys a good design challenge. He’s blown glass for over 10 years and worked for noteworthy glass designers and manufacturers. These experiences instilled a strong design sense and shaped his approach to glass production.


With the introduction of Salvador Alane, Leah and Julian refine their products and develop carefully balanced and functional designs. Crisp and effortless, their aesthetic speaks to design and entertaining aficionados, bar and restaurateurs, as well as retailers nationwide.