Seth LeDonne

“Through the interpretation of words, phrases, and concepts, my studio pieces and related products are open to flexible meaning and associations through simplicity.”


Seth LeDonne is a multidisciplinary fine artist and designer. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Art with a concentration in painting and sculpture from California University of Pennsylvania. Presently, Seth often incorporates simple hand-drawn text into his work. His paintings are rooted in drawing and mark-making and embrace contemporary materials and techniques. The imagery and themes explored in his gallery pieces inform his design practice, including murals, products, and art objects.


In preparation for creating new work, Seth holds onto words, phrases, and concepts that either immediately or gradually cultivate into a phrase of significance. These expressions often explore sadness, optimism, or an imaginative combination of the two. Seth reflects on self-expression and how the viewer of this work might relate to his pieces through humility or humor. Seth’s fine artwork derives meaning through groups of paintings and site-specific installations. His commercial pieces pay homage to these larger bodies of work.


As Seth continues his fine art practice, LeDonne Studio Editions offers everyday products, including apparel, art prints, and home goods that related thematically to his body of work. His studio welcomes thoughtful inquiries for custom work and product development.