Skelton Jewelry


Skelton Jewelry offers an evolving collection of limited edition and custom handcrafted jewelry. Founder and designer Samantha Skelton creates sculptural pieces that are both delicate and industrial. An experienced metalsmith, Samantha earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Edinboro University. She also obtained a Master of Fine Arts from Miami University, where she studied drawing, sculpture, and jewelry design. Her jewelry reflects her skilled artistry, incorporating three-dimensional forms, enameled details, and hand-wrought finishes.


Samantha’s approach to jewelry design invites the wearer to feel the visual impact of each piece without becoming overwhelmed by the physical weight of the metal. Working from conceptual sketches, she creates each piece by hand – manipulating the metal into its final, refined form. Often incorporating handmade enameled elements, gemstones, or diamonds, Samantha creates heirloom-quality jewelry with a modern sensibility. From everyday earrings to engagement and wedding rings, she offers jewelry made to last and impress.


Skelton Jewelry operates from a charming storefront studio in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood. Samantha welcomes customers to the storefront studio to shop her seasonal collections and watch jewelry being made onsite by skilled artisans. She excels in the collaborative design process, working with clients to imaging one-of-a-kind designs including bridal settings and special occasion pieces.