Sonenblum Woodworks


Sonenblum Woodworks offers custom furniture and cabinetry. Established in 2016 by Ben Sonenblum, this shop builds wood projects for regional clients including Park Bruges and Clemente Museum. A dedicated craftsman, Ben specializes in making furniture and fixtures designed to suit a particular space and style. He carefully plans each project to match a client’s vision and specifications.


Ben works closely with clients to determine the needs for custom projects. Using traditional handcraft processes and machining, Ben works with reclaimed and sustainable woods to craft his modern and enduring pieces, including display shelving, kitchen and bar cabinets, pedestals, museum vitrines, and art frames.


As Sonenblum Woodworks develops a line of standard home goods available for order including mailboxes and picture frames, Ben continues to create custom woodworking projects. He welcomes collaboration with fellow Monmade producers and looks forward to expanding his shelf-ready designs.