Springboard Design

“We combine architecture, design, art, and furnishings to help our clients add authentic and personal touches to their environments.”


Springboard Design is an architecture, planning, and design studio established in 2001 by Paul Rosenblatt and Petra Fallaux. Founding Principal Paul is an architect and artist whose work includes architectural design, mixed media painting, and printmaking. Creative Director Petra’s art practice focuses on textiles and printmaking. Her art quilts have been widely exhibited at galleries and museums in Europe and the United States. Together, Paul and Petra create a growing collection of furnishings, wall hangings, textile designs, bed quilts, wallpaper, monoprints editions, and other high design products and services. Springboard Design welcomes the opportunity to work directly with clients on customized design solutions and placing unique work in a variety of residential and commercial contexts.


Paul, Petra, and Managing Principal, Bill Szustak, combine their skills and talents to form the distinctive Springboard Design approach. A holistic approach to goal setting, a simple but rich aesthetic, and the use of real materials, evocative textures, and harmonious colors characterizes Springboard Design’s multidisciplinary work. They uphold the Bauhaus inspired union of the arts and design. Whether it is a designed building or interior, a hand dyed bed quilt, a printed wall hanging, or piece of custom furniture, the studio’s aesthetic is recognizably refined by custom colors, with a basis in geometry, line, and simplicity.


Springboard Design looks forward to offering a range of custom products and services that impact all aspects of architecture, interior, surface, and furniture design. Petra and Paul look forward to new challenges and the continued evolution of the unity of the arts in all environments.