Stak Ceramics


Stak Ceramics designs and creates functional and unique ceramic housewares. Established in 2013, Stak Ceramics is a union of founders Myles Geyman and Heather Connolly. They possess expert knowledge of ceramic design and fabrication. Myles brings a strong understanding of form and product development, and Heather offers expertise in the ceramic process, design, and composition. Together they create a collection of utilitarian and thoughtful products including their iconic phone and tablet docks.


Stak Ceramics uses a variety of ceramic processes to produce its products. Using wheel throwing, mold making, and slip casting, all of Stak Ceramics’ products are made by hand in Pittsburgh. With care and consideration in prototyping new designs, Stak Ceramics offers high quality, handcrafted goods with a contemporary aesthetic. Their products are made to be used and enjoyed every day.


Consistently exploring and prototyping new designs for its retail collections, Stak Ceramics looks forward to working with clients to develop a variety of products such as lighting and decorative objects for private and public spaces. With a deep understanding of design and production, Stak Ceramics brings expertise and proficiency to create custom and collaborative designs.