Studebaker Metals


Established in 2013, Studebaker Metals is a traditional metalsmithing workshop founded on the principals of simple design and strong craftsmanship. Using classic methods and the highest quality materials, the studio offers a collection of hand-forged unisex and utilitarian goods. Guided by founders Michael Studebaker and Alyssa Catalano, Studebaker Metals is a full time workshop with a team of skilled craftspeople creating durable and beautiful items, intended to last a lifetime.


Using traditional hand tools, Studebaker Metal employs centuries-old techniques to craft a range of personal accessories and goods. Hammers and antique anvils are used to manipulate, stretch, and form each metal bracelet, ring, keyring, tie bar, razor, and more. Primarily a jewelry manufacturer, Studebaker Metals works with clients to create custom metalwork – bar taps, cabinet hardware, and shelf brackets – for commercial and residential spaces. An expert in product development, Studebaker Metal also offers private label goods for brands and businesses throughout the world.


In 2015, Studebaker Metals opened its storefront workshop in Braddock, PA. Its unofficial motto “Slow is Fast” adorns the shop’s back wall. At the studio and storefront customers observe Studebaker Metals’ conscientious approach to crafting its line of distinctive wares. Coupling tradition with its growing success, Studebaker Metals retains its commitment to the handmade process, fabricating collections that reflect the beauty of materials and the tools that made them.