T.O.M.T.™ offers imaginative home furnishings and lighting made from found materials. Refitting otherwise discarded objects, founder and artist Rodney Allen Trice gives ordinary items a new lease on life. Rodney began designing and making upcycled furniture in 1988 out of a need to furnish his first apartment in New York City on a budget. His creative interpretation of found objects then planted the seeds of what is now a celebrated collection of distinctive, functional designs. Today, Rodney has returned to his hometown of Greensburg, PA where he continues to grow T.O.M.T.™, garnering domestic and international press and a steady following along the way.


Rodney is an expert in found materials, often working with objects that are 50 years or more old. He understands how the properties of materials like plastic, metal, wood, and glass change with time and use. Rodney first breaks down each object into its simplest forms in order to reassemble reclaimed materials into new furniture and lighting designs. With simplicity in mind, Rodney honors both mid-century modern aesthetics and the original identity of each repurposed object as he makes unexpected and one-of-a-kind creations.


Since returning to Western Pennsylvania in 2016, Rodney found new focus and appreciation for the objects and experiences that surround him. With MONMADE, he pursues new commissions for public and private spaces that reflect both his New York City legacy and his future in Pittsburgh. Rodney creates in an age where green design abounds, and his work gives the past a new and exciting purpose.