Designed and created by Jarrod Futscher, TAKTTIME offers functional, hand-blown glassware and décor. Jarrod launched his production line in 2017, after nearly a decade of studying and making glass art. He is a 2008 graduate of The University of Louisville and has studied at craft schools across the nation. TAKTTIME’s glassware is refined and contemporary, merging traditional blown glass elements with modern form and feel.


Jarrod’s attention to detail and artistry shines with this collection. Growlers and decanters feature thoughtful design elements like thumb rests and complimentary bottle stoppers. Cups and tumblers coordinate with these containers through embellishment and decorative accents. The result is a luxurious range of hand-blown glass barware and décor.


With the launch of TAKTTIME, Jarrod establishes the foundation for his contemporary glass studio. Through Monmade he showcases his range of talents and skills by creating distinctive designs for home and hospitality.