Temper and Grit


Temper and Grit is a design-build shop offering modern design and fabrication services. From furniture to fixtures, including exterior doors, retail shelving, signage, and cabinetry, Temper and Grit makes thoughtfully executed and well-made products for homes and businesses. Designers Nicholas Volpe and Nickalaus Gilson combine woodworking, metalworking, and blacksmithing to create innovative products with integrity.


Temper and Grit works closely with clients to develop and deliver products that respond to the functional and design needs of their individual projects. Nicholas and Nickalaus are experienced craftsman that innovate and anticipate the best creative methods for fabrication. They work closely with fellow craft businesses and artisans to source materials, like tile and wood, for their products.


As Temper and Grit continues custom-made projects, Nicholas and Nickalaus are now developing a line of furniture, including an end table and bed frame. The debut of these furniture pieces is marked by Monmade’s 2017-2018 showcase, Interiors with Impact. Each piece was created in conjunction with Pittsburgh-area producers – Braddock Tiles and Urban Tree.