Too Many Sparkles


Too Many Sparkles offers upcycled cards, notebooks, and art using found materials. Inspired by music, pop culture, and vintage design, maker Kelly Sanders established her stationery line as an outlet for her passion for collecting and thrifting. Unless produced for a custom order, each notebook and card is unique – a reflection of Kelly’s advocacy for reclaiming materials.


Kelly’s career as an apparel designer influences her love for color, prints, and graphics. Fabric hunting and rescuing remnants are her favorite pastimes. She has honed her treasure hunting eye and thrifting resources, even volunteering at Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse to offer her collection of fun and timely products. Too Many Sparkles creates cards, notebook, and prints lovingly made by hand.


Recognizing Monmade’s capacity of bridge creative processes and practices, Too Many Sparkles looks forward to establishing a line of repeatable and scalable designs. Transforming Kelly’s designs into shelf-ready, collectible goods.