Vessel Studio


Established in 2006, Vessel Studio is a full-service glass blowing studio. From concept to final installation, Vessel Studio creates custom and production glass installations and products. Owned and operated by Drew and Jeannine Hine, Vessel Studio also offers metal fabrication including mild and stainless steel sculpture, armatures, and architectural elements. Merging this knowledge of glass and metalwork, Vessel Studio creates one-of-kind lighting and decorative installations alongside its retail collection of tableware and home décor.


In Pittsburgh’s South Side, Vessel Studio handcrafts blown glass sculpture, custom lighting, and everyday home goods, including barware and vases. Often using bright, bold hues of glass, Drew and Jeannine work with the material molten hot creating a variety of contemporary, colorful designs. Whether making pieces for their collection of barware or elements for layered chandeliers, Vessel Studio has the capacity to produce an array of market-ready products and custom projects.


Vessel Studio celebrates over a decade in business. Featuring custom, large-scale projects for corporate and private clients, Vessel Studio catalog showcases Drew and Jeannine’s expertise. With MONMADE, they welcome collaboration with new clients, fellow producers, and designers.