Atlas Bench Chair Back

Designed as an optional add-on unit to the Atlas Bench Seat, the Atlas Bench Chair Back secures to the bench unit. The Atlas Bench design features powder coated stainless steel construction with hardwood slats. Once attached to the Atlas Bench Seat the assembled unit bolts to ground with brass hardware provided. Individual Atlas Bench units can be combined to form a single bench with chair back (as shown) or double bench with two chair backs.  Available in standard and custom finishes. The Atlas Bench Seat and Chair Back are a Declare Label product.



Single Chair Back Unit Dimensions: 15.5″H x 22.5″W x 7″D

Standard Finish: Deck Grey Powder Coating, Oak Slats, Brass Hardware

Finish options: Specify number of units and desired configuration(s) upon order. Custom finishes, including slat and non-slatted options available.