Contour Disc Trios

Debuted in the Monmade x CDCP Art Print Collection, Contour Disc Trios come in combinations using six translucent color options as well as a classic black and two frosted finishes. The moiré patterns and colors by artist Jessica Alpern Brown are designed to play with light to create a sense of movement and depth.

The discs can be layered and configured in a variety of ways to create custom arrangements to fit any size space. Except for Frosted Mirror, the disc colors are two-sided and are reversible: one side is glossy and the other is matte finish. Disc(s) mount to flat interior surfaces with clear acrylic stand-offs. Available in 16” Soft Green, 12” Light Blue, and 24” Teal Contour Discs mounted with (4) Clear Acrylic Standoffs (shown here) and other arrangements. Sold individually or in sets of three or more.



  • Produced by Jessica Alpern Brown
  • Manufacturing in Pittsburgh, PA


  • Available in nine colors: Daffodil, Light Blue, Poppy, Purple, Soft Green, Teal, Black, Frosted Clear, Frosted Mirror
  • Except for Frosted Mirror, disc colors are two-sided and are reversible between glossy and matte sheens
  • Available discs sizes: 12”, 16”, 24”, 32” (32” available only in Frosted Mirror)
  • Discs can be purchased individually or in sets of 3 or more, in a mix of colors and sizes
  • Suitable for interior applications; surfaces are waterproof and UV-light resistant
  • ADA compliant wall product
  • Lead time: approx. 4-6 weeks


  • 12”, 16”, 24”, 32” diameter ⅛” laser cut acrylic discs (circular design panels)
  • ½” x ¾” clear acrylic standoff hardware


  • Select color(s) and disc dimension(s)
  • Specify disc arrangements
  • Artist specified disc arrangements available


  • Dust with soft cloth and clean with water-based cleaner as needed
  • Clear acrylic standoff hardware provided